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They Don't Call it the Valley of the Sun for Nothing

Let’s Celebrate

Experience the sizzling heat alongside the trendiest crowd, crystal-clear pools, picturesque desert views perfect for Instagram, golfing, and vibrant nightlife all within the charming Old Town. Embrace the Arizona sun by lounging next to a Cabana HUNK at a refreshing pool. These Cabana HUNKS add that extra touch of luxury to elevate your Scottsdale pool party. Ideal for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and girls' getaways.

Experience the ultimate Cabana HUNKS extravaganza: a dynamic duo that caters to your every need, showers you with affection, spoils you rotten, and keeps you thoroughly entertained. Whether you're celebrating a bachelorette party or hosting a cozy book club gathering, our team is here to make your event unforgettable!

  • Introduces themself to the party, with a special toast for the celebrant of honor

  • Mixes and serves drinks, ensuring no one’s glass is empty

  • Hosts a photoshoot, takes group photos as well as acting as the subject for Insta-worthy moments

  • Round-the-clock compliments and adoration

  • Plays host to party games

  • All of our HUNKS are licensed, insured, and background checked

  • Specific HUNKS can be requested, however, their fulfillment is contingent upon availability.

Poolside Service
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